As I plan posts and write for another month, I have to ask myself, “Who am I even writing for?” While I write my content with the hopes that it will reach and encourage people from all walks of life, there are two types of people I keep in mind as I write: people wanting to grow in their faith and people who the church has deeply hurt.

Let me explain why these are the two groups of people I keep in mind as I write.

People Hungry for Spiritual Growth

Most of my content is geared toward people who want to experience spiritual growth. These people are hungry to learn more about God. This is why four posts a week are Bible study posts. After all, reading the Bible is one of the main ways we learn more about God and God’s will for our lives.

Other content, such as articles and reviews, also provide growing Christians with resources to help them in their walks. With so many Christian books out there, it can be helpful to read the reviews and recommendations of a trusted source before picking up the book to read. I aim to be that trusted source.

If this is you, welcome! I’m glad you’re eager to learn more about Jesus. This is one of many resources available to you for that end.

People Who Have Been Hurt by the Church

While the deconstruction movement has done a lot to help people address the hurt perpetrated by the church, I want my voice to be one that speaks to the people who find themselves outside the church they once loved.

All too often, pastors are using their voices to blame those who leave. They fail to take time to understand and empathize with the hurt. Sadly, that has pushed the hurting out of the church’s doors. While most of my content will use spiritual language, I am concentrating on re-imagining language that may have been used to oppress or hurt the vulnerable in our midst.

Sometimes this means calling out mainstream Christian content (as I did in this article). For those within the church who have never experienced serious religious abuse, calling out these things may be seen as ugly or divisive. This is not my intent. I am, at my core, seeking to make the church better. Calling out abuse in the church and offering a better way forward is important work we’ve too long neglected.

Those within the church may find some of this content offensive. However, my hope is that those who have left might feel seen and welcomed.

If this is you, welcome! I won’t promise to do it perfectly. But I do promise to listen if you have concerns about something I’ve written. I’m actively looking to grow and do better. I want this to be a place where you are safe to disentangle from the harmful things that led you to leave.