Heaven’s Frequency is the eighth album released by Meredith Andrews, a contemporary Christian artist. This worship album came across my radar when I was looking for recently released albums to listen to and review for my site.

I didn’t realize when I downloaded it that I’d be downloading one of my favorite albums ever.

No Weapon

“No Weapon” was my favorite track on the album (although “The Lamb, The Lion, The King” and “Safe Place” were certainly high up on my list of favorites, too).

This song has become an anthem of sorts for me when I am struggling to set aside my anxiety about situations in my personal life.

The chorus:

No weapon formed

No spear or sword

No evil word will prosper

For I am yours

I stand secure

I know your word is higher

While it is a longer song (over ten minutes!) that has a lot of repetition, I tend to find repetition easier to latch onto when I’m trying to wrangle all the anxious thoughts in my head into a cohesive train of thought. The words to this song have helped me move from anxiety to worship.


Overview: This is now one of my favorite albums. It’s also the first one I go to when I want to rest or worship. I’m so glad it happened to be the newest release when I was looking for albums to review!

Musical Style: Worship

Theological Tradition: Non-denominational

Favorite Track: “No Weapon”

Other Albums by Musician: Mesmerized (2005), The Invitation (2008), As Long as It Takes (2010), Worth It All (2013), Deeper (2016), Receive Our King (2017), and Abrenos Los Cielos (2021).

Recommend? Absolutely! I’ve already recommended it to a friend and will continue to recommend it!