My name is Carrie Faith Taylor and I am the lead pastor at Warsaw Church of the Nazarene in Warsaw, Ohio. I have a Master of Divinity degree from Nazarene Theological Seminary. Although I feel called to hospital chaplaincy and pastoral ministry, a significant part of my calling involved writing content to help Christians and church communities grow.

What You’ll Find on This Site

I want to provide encouragement and education to everyone who lands on this website. Every day there will be new content to help you grow and deepen your relationship with God. Because I write my own curriculum for Bible studies at my church, my plan is to edit those lessons and provide them for free on this site. I believe your budget should not determine access to quality Bible study materials. Whether you’re leading a Bible study at your church or in your home, I want to help you.

In addition to Bible study resources, I hope to provide other articles and reviews to help you draw closer to God. I look forward to sharing great things in the days to come.

Providing FREE Content & Materials

I want to provide FREE content and materials to people around the world interested in learning more about Jesus. My husband, Grant, has volunteered to help manage the website with his skills as a web developer.

I’m currently in the process of setting up a Patreon page (with an estimated publication date of October 15, 2021). While you’re in no way obligated to donate through the Patreon page, the funds there allow me to pay for the website, books, and other materials needed to bring great content. This website doesn’t have ads or affiliate marketing links, nor do I plan to add those things in the future.

Currently, I’m writing several different Bible study curriculums and a devotional book. While I’ll freely offer the Bible study materials on this website (with the first one published around November 1), I plan to sell the devotional book through the self-publishing tools provided by Amazon. Outside of any books released, I want to provide 100% free materials to help individuals and churches improve biblical literacy and learn about God.