Sharing testimonies is something we often do as believers, whether before our baptisms or during corporate worship. Many churches integrate a time for sharing into their weekly services, while others make space for testimonies during revivals and other special occasions.

However, sharing your testimony doesn’t need to be limited to structured spaces. You can share your testimony with a friend over coffee or during fellowship time before or after church.

Sharing your testimony is a great way to strengthen your faith. Below are four ways your faith can be strengthened when you share the story of God’s work in your life.

1. When you share your testimony, you remind yourself of God’s faithfulness.

The people of Israel built into their worship rhythms that made space to retell the story of God’s deliverance. This wasn’t about giving new information to God’s people, but to remind them that they serve a faithful God.

In the same way, sharing your testimony allows you to remind yourself of how God has delivered you. Sure, you could sit in your room and think about what God has done. There’s certainly space for that. But there’s something incredibly powerful about saying things out loud in front of others.

When I’ve shared my testimony, I’ve often reminded myself about the good things God has done. No matter how many times I share certain parts of my story, sharing always brings back all of the emotions and relief I felt in those moments of God’s deliverance.

2. Sharing your testimony opens the door to deeper fellowship.

When you share your life story with another person, you build an intimacy that isn’t possible when a relationship is only surface level. People feel safe to be vulnerable with you when you’ve been vulnerable with them.

It’s easy to focus on only the good things God has done.. and that’s a huge part of sharing your testimony. But it’s important to remember that we celebrate God’s deliverance because we once felt the pain of our situation.

When we share the stories of the lowest moments of our lives, we build deeper connections with others. What was once surface level can grow deep roots. Those roots of fellowship can strengthen your faith.

3. When you share your testimony, other believers may offer insight you’ve either forgotten or missed.

It can be scary to share parts of your testimony with others, especially when you shine a light on the darkest days of your life. You might get nervous, wondering how people will react. I often worry that they may not hear my sincerity when I speak.

When someone hears your story, they might point out a connection or insight you’ve forgotten or missed. They may see how a life experience has contributed to the person you are today. Sharing your testimony invites others into the conversation about what God has done in your life, opening the door to more insight than you’d have alone.

4. Sharing your testimony can offer strength and encouragement to others.

When you share your testimony, you offer strength and encouragement to others. How does this strengthen your faith, though?

Personally, I find it much easier to see how God is using the ugly parts of my life when my story offers strength to another. I saw a post earlier this week that said something along the lines of  “Your story of survival can be someone else’s survival guide.”

That really resonated with me. I’ve seen how my openness about growing up with an addicted father has offered help to other people who face the same thing. Whenever I share that part of my story, I hear stories from children of addicted individuals. It’s a reminder to me that God can use anything to build up believers.


Whether you’re on a spiritual mountaintop or walking through the darkest valley, sharing your testimony is a powerful way to strengthen your faith. When you take time to recall the good things God has done, you’re more likely to see the way God’s hand is at work in your current situation.

Today, I encourage you to find time to share your testimony with someone. Whether you share part of your story with a friend at coffee or participate in a testimony time at church, there are countless places where your story can make an impact. Let your words and your life be a testimony to God’s goodness!